Elliot Schultz, Embroidered Zoetrope (2015)

This is a very nice set of turntable-spun, strobe-animated zoetropes made not with 3D printing (as is today’s custom), but with embroidery! I love the look of these, and the smooth videos and gifs really show the animator’s efforts/interests in making their zoetropes “web ready” (as opposed to focusing exclusively on the live presentation and simply documenting the installation with videos featuring ill-timed strobe effects. Another thing I love about these is the way that embroidery as a medium produces another alternate image(shown on the underside of the disc, seen in the last two pictures). The animation created by the loose thread ends is much less smooth, more unbridled and chaotic, and is pretty awesome in its own right.
Project website here.
Artist website (with fuller documentation) here.

Elliot Schultz, Embroidered Zoetrope (2015)

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