Eye Think BusyBody Quick-Pose Animator

This praxinoscope toy from Eye Think, Inc. lets users create an animated sequence using ten posable figures instead of a series of drawn frames. You can pop the figures off in order to carefully sculpt them (and the toy comes with a few examples of sequential poses you can try to make the figures appear to walk, run, jump, etc.) This seems like an especially good toy for teaching animation: praxinoscope animations are sometimes easier to see in the mirrors (rather than in the slots of a zoetrope) and, perhaps more importantly, the bendable figures offer a great tactile alternative to drawing, which can be slow and imprecise. I wonder how difficult it is to compare the figures in order to make sure their positions differ only slightly (so the animation won’t be jumpy). Taking a cue from the proliferation of 3D zoetrope sculptures, it’s such a simple idea but totally unlike most of the optical toys available today.

Eye Think BusyBody Quick-Pose Animator

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