New View-Master!

Huge news this week as Mattel and Google announced a partnership for a new virtual reality View-Master. Expected next fall, the new View-Master viewer will turn the user’s smartphone into a VR device, like an enhanced Google cardboard. The app will work with companion “experience reels” featuring virtual tours that offer 360 and lots of other supplemental information. This partnership and product revamp represents an interesting shift in the View-Master’s legacy, after the company announced that it would stop production of scenic picture reels in 2009 (while continuing reel production for character- and entertainment-based subjects). Already the new View-Master is being framed as an educational device, facilitating new kinds of interactive experiences and a distinct sense of immersion. More around the web from The Verge, CNET, 9to5Mac, and Bloomberg. I’m excited to try this out!

Also, remember Hasbro’s attempt at a similar viewer a few years ago?

New View-Master!

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