John Edmark’s Fibonacci-sequence zoetropes

These beautiful 3D printed zoetropes have been all over for the past few weeks. The videos are really remarkable because unlike so many strobe-shuttered zoetropes that appear as shuddering, spinning half-visible forms due to improper synching of the camera’s shutter, these gems are perfectly in sync, resulting in smooth, seamless motion. Unlike other zoetrope sculptures that have very clear image sequences (a series of objects in slightly different poses or attitudes), these appear as single objects that you wouldn’t necessarily think could be animated so smoothly. They rely upon the “golden angle” (137.5º) spinning at 550 rpm, captured at 24 fps with a shutter speed of 1/4000 a second to achieve the attractive effect. Edmark (a design professor at Stanford) has also made an instructables page for those who want to build their own, and has put the  the forms are available on Shapeways print-on-demand, as well. More on the web here and here. These definitely up the game for how this kind of work is produced and captured for viewing on the web.

John Edmark’s Fibonacci-sequence zoetropes

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