Post human panel at Pratt Upload

Earlier in October I was invited to speak on a panel on “the post human” at the Upload conference at Pratt. The panel was really great and featured some artists talking about their fascinating work that engages with the theme of the post human (or the cyborg) in various ways. Here’s a link to the list of panels with everyone’s info, and the panel was also written up in Art F City . I was worried I’d be a bit out of place (as the only non-arts-practitioner on the panel) but I think there were some connecting threads across the talks. I spoke about some ongoing research I’m doing on augmented reality Band-Aids for kids: specifically, how do “smart” adhesive bandages harness the capability of new media to distract kids (from pain) and how/why does the experience of pain justify or recuperate distraction as a state (when it is typically characterized as a “problem” of new media). It’s weird to think of Band-Aids as “media,” and the panel was a great opportunity to continue working through some of the peculiarities of considering them as such.

Post human panel at Pratt Upload

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