hide & eek!

hide & eek! 
is a “hold-up-to-the-light mystery book” from Knock Knock. Smartly spiral-bound (so that it’s easily manipulatable), it’s designed to let the story elements unfold through the illumination of a flashlight. It seems like a fun idea for restless nights, and (while I haven’t yet read it) I suspect that the story combats or at least addresses typical fears of shadows, monsters in the closet, etc. Although it’s not actually possible to project the images in hide and eek! (if projection’s what you’re after, perhaps try the Bedtime Shadow Book series from Peter Pauper), it nevertheless looks like a lot of fun. It’s beautifully designed by Rebecca Sutherland; a bit more information about that process (and some additional lovely photos of the book) are available here. It’d make a great gift for a kid heading off to a sleepover or during the cold months, when the dark hours are longer and kids play inside more.

hide & eek!

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