Tech Tools I love 3: Jolicloud’s Drive

Jolidrive is a pretty new addition to my list of favorite web tools, so while I’m not sure I can fully say that I love it yet, I think it’s increasingly going to be one of my go-to platforms for accessing my cloud-based storage content. Jolicloud’s Drive conveniently functions as a single place where you can access a range of your cloud content without having to have a million tabs open, which, for me, is a huge help. Because I’m usually too cheap to fork out money for cloud storage on an ongoing basis, I tend to have lots of different free accounts, spreading my data across multiple services. It’s great to be able to view my account, google drive, skydrive, dropbox, instagram, and flickr all within the same clean interface. More cloud services are available to add (including vimeo and youtube, pocket and instapaper, and soundcloud), and I suspect they’ll continue adding more over time. While Jolidrive makes it relatively easy to access your content, some services are easier than others to actually edit within the platform (although there’s almost always an option to then open whatever file you’re looking at within its native platform). There’s a desktop version of the program, but I haven’t looked into using it just yet. The web-based version is fine for me. Of course the real game-changer will be when Jolidrive lets you actually move your files from one service to another by clicking and dragging. I don’t think that’s possible yet, but I hope it’s on its way. Still, for anyone whose cloud-based files are scattered all over the place, it’s a great option.

**This year I’ve incorporated a few new web-based applications into my work/life process, and I thought I’d share my experiences with them here. Initially, I’ll make a brief weekly report for a month introducing an application. After that, I’ll mention additional discoveries if/as I find myself using them regularly.

Tech Tools I love 3: Jolicloud’s Drive

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