Tech Tools I love 2: Trello

I discovered Trello while on the hunt for a new list-making system after my confidence in TeuxDeux had been shaken. I loved TeuxDeux for its simplicity and minimal design. It’s a clean interface to help keep you organized. However, when TeuxDeux was updated, they decided to start charging a subscription fee. While many web services are structured with tiered accounts, offering premium services/functions for a little bit of money, TeuxDeux suddenly switching gears really rubbed me the wrong way. To add insult to injury, when I logged into the “NeuxTeuxDeux,” it appeared as though some of my data got lost in the shuffle. Things were all jumbled and my weekly schedule was suddenly peppered with weird things I’d done years ago, while things that I knew were immediate concerns weren’t listed at all. Long story short (too late), I started looking for something new. Enter: Trello!
Trello’s kind of a cross between a to do list, calendar, and Pinterest board. The interface is intuitive, and its applications really seem almost endless. I use one board to keep track of a collaborative project I’m hoping to launch soon, one that organizes my book revisions (it seems especially useful as a project management tool), and as an experiment: I started a public board that my students and I collaboratively contribute to. Small pieces of information (cards) are organized into vertical columns (lists), and everything can be moved around easily. Each card can feature a range of attributes: drag and drop files of almost any kind, links, attachments, you can add checklists, assign due dates, add collaborators (for cards, lists, or whole boards), and more. ipad and iphone apps are available, too. Using Trello has been a really exciting way for me to brainstorm, organize, and chip away at larger projects. Best of all: they promise that it will always stay free.

**This year I’ve incorporated a few new web-based applications into my work/life process, and I thought I’d share my experiences with them here. Initially, I’ll make a brief weekly report for a month introducing an application. After that, I’ll mention additional discoveries if/as I find myself using them regularly.

Tech Tools I love 2: Trello

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