The Reanimator Lab

Last weekend my friend Jason and two of his artist friends Kelly Goeller and Adrienne Silverman, were running the Reanimator Lab (a project they jointly developed) at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. I’d wanted to write about the Lab before but hadn’t had a chance, so I was excited to be able to stop by and participate. Here’s a description of the project from Jason’s website: “The Reanimator Lab is a community-sourced, hand-drawn animated GIF filter. Found, short looping animations are broken into individual frames, then each frame is recreated by a different participant using materials like markers, glitter pens, and construction paper. Finally, the frames are collected, photographed, and assembled into new animations.”
It’s a very simple and fun way to collaboratively work on an animation. Alas, the particular sequences to which I contributed aren’t completed yet (and are thus not on the site), but do take a look at the other masterpieces produced in the Lab. It was a fun afternoon, indeed.
(Image from the Reanimator Lab website).

The Reanimator Lab

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