Word War VI LED Zoetrope

Jeremy Van Grinsven made a cool LED zoetrope based on the game Word War VI using an ardiuno. He offers a brief description on his website:

“The display is a series of 12 frames on a spinning acrylic disk with a ring of LEDs around the edge that are flashed every 1/12th of a revolution to make the animation appear. A stepper motor directly drives the disk which is being controlled by an Adafruit motor shield on an Arduino UNO. The LEDs are switched by one of the extra h bridges on the motor shield. All the timing is done open loop with the Arduino just counting nanoseconds between when to flash and when to step the motor.”
He also provides the code for the project! Here’s a video of the zoetrope in action:

His post details the tricky process of trying to capture the game’s animated sequences, and the subsequent process of constructing the animation layer by layer. It’s pretty technical, and pretty awesome.

Word War VI LED Zoetrope

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