Tony Osborn, The Puzzling Unplanned City Zoetrope Machine

It’s been hard to track down too much information about this twelve-foot zoetrope, but I really love the perpetual motion cycle it shows and its nod to WPA-era aesthetics. This website had the following statement about the piece (though I’m not sure if it’s by the artist):

A life-sized zoetrope presents a mural-in-motion. The zoetrope is an 800-year-old animation device that has been used, at times, as a tool to study objects in motion. Depicted, for study, inside this zoetrope’s spinning tube is the image of a possible future – one with no end-goal and few rules. The building around which the action plays out is a Chicago version of the tower-of-Babel. Rather than falling victim to its hubris in a cataclysmic failure, this edifice is perpetually suspended – kept from climbing to its goal by the forces that undo its work from the bottom. Taking the WPA-era murals of Chicago public buildings as precedent, the project aims to update the prototype and host a new kind of dialogue in the public space of storefronts and sidewalks.

Tony Osborn is an LEED-accredited architect working in Wicker Park.

Here’s an animated gif of the zoetrope in action, taken from here.

Tony Osborn, The Puzzling Unplanned City Zoetrope Machine

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