The Woman in Black

Imagine my delight when, while watching the trailer for The Woman in Black (the new horror film starring Daniel Radcliffe), I spied a zoetrope in action. Radcliffe’s character comes across it while looking around the creepy and deserted Eel Marsh house (he’s there to get all the estate’s affairs in order and sell the place). Upon giving it a spin, he looks through the slots, only to see a scary woman’s face gazing back at him from the other side of the drum. The zoetrope only shows up for a second, and the footage wasn’t included in the initial US version of the trailer (only in the UK version). I’m not sure if it was explicitly in the script, or if some enterprising production designer thought it made a good contribution. Either way, it made my day. (The film itself was pretty good…the ending fell apart a little bit and had too many special effects, as is often the case when this type of film wraps up).

The Woman in Black

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