Hans Polterauer, Stroboskopscheibe (2011)

As part of the exhibition “What Machines Dream Of” at Ars Electronica.

“Stroboskopscheibe – When a sequence of images moves slower than 16 frames per second, the human brain can perceive each one separately. If it moves faster, we perceive it as continuous motion. This effect—on which the magic of motion pictures is based—is what Hans Polterauer takes advantage of in this work of art. He positions three-dimensional objects on a disc that is set in motion and illuminated with a rapidly blinking light source. The result is a series of images that “overtaxes” the capacity of the human brain, which gets the impression that it’s not the disc but rather the objects themselves that are moving.”
More on the exhibition here.

Hans Polterauer, Stroboskopscheibe (2011)

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