Hasbro’s My3D

As the market for View-Master reels wanes (talks about a View-Master feature film notwithstanding), Hasbro has introduced a compelling alternative. The MY3D viewer looks like a View-Master (or a pair of binoculars) and interfaces with the iphone or ipod touch, dispensing with the View-Master’s iconic round cardboard reels in favor of a series of apps available for download. The apps are free for now, but I’d be interested to see how  changes, and I’m curious whether there will be any possibility for third party app development down the road. Interestingly, the because the iphone or ipod snaps right into the 3D viewer, it’s not compatible with the ipad. It retails for $35 and is available (for now) only at Target. So far Hasbro’s apps are seem to be mostly educational (demos of what the technology can do, what seems to be a flight simulator of some sort, and 360 degrees of Sharks). I wonder if and when licensed characters will enter into the scene. I’m really curious to try this out, and to see how it changes kids’ viewing habits.

Hasbro’s My3D

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