The Surreal House at the Barbican

Max Ernst. Reve d’une petite fille qui voulut entrer au carmel, 1930.
Image from here.

This summer the Barbican is bringing to life some of the surrealists’ most striking and immersive environments. Their website describes the exhibition as mysterious, labrithine, saying: “At times enchanting, playful and at others, deeply disquieting, The Surreal House is a dwelling that is essentially everything that the rational, functional Modernist house is not.” It sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. I’m not sure if the image from the Max Ernst novel mentioned in the New York Times will be recreated for the show. If so, it would be a fascinating place to momentarily inhabit. It’s a really interesting shift in scale, and I like the idea that the subject is inside the zoetrope, rather than looking in from without.

More about the book here.

The Surreal House at the Barbican

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