I just read a really interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about the current exhibition at the Estorick Collection: On the Move (curated by Sir Jonathan Miller). Apparently, On the Move connects 19th century chronophotography work like Marey’s and Muybridge’s to some of the photographic developments of the Futurists, and includes some interesting pieces of 20th century stroboscopic photographs. Here a discussion of optical toys helps ground a line of rumination about how movement has been depicted in other visual arts traditions (other than the cinema).

On the subject of motion, several weeks ago, I saw a syllabus for a fascinating s0unding class at UT Dallas: The History of Mobility in Art (taught by Charissa Terranova). The class deals with (among other things) how the idea of vision came to be mobilized in the 19th century, optical toys, train travel, and a lot of other curious subjects (escalators, Nam June Paik, and automobiles to name a few). The syllabus is full of great examples and is available for download here.

Image from the Wall Street Journal.


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