Zoetrope for iphone!

I waited and waited, and I knew one day this would happen. Last month, The Super Mega Awesome Visuals Company released a zoetrope for the iphone. Awesome!

The app (which costs 99 cents) comes with three Muybridge sequences to see animated in the digital zoetrope, and also has a great feature that grabs a photo from your image library and reassembles it into an animation strip for you. Right now it’s kind of a tedious process (you have to arrange a series of 15 images into one grid in a specific order for the app to recognize and then sequence them) but I’m sure in time, they’ll have a method that does it automatically if you upload a series of separate images. Obviously, though, I tried it out. Here’s my attempt. It turns out pretty well in the zoetrope, capturing my graceless, inelegant movements with supreme realism.

Another very nice detail about the app is that you can tilt it to look at the zoetrope from above and through the slits on the side. Having taught the way that a zoetrope works to thousands of students, I can say that having these two different perspectives is very helpful, if not essential, in explaining the device’s operation.

Images (other than mine) from here.

Zoetrope for iphone!

3 thoughts on “Zoetrope for iphone!

  1. lasalebete says:

    Yeah, it does turn out pretty well. I hope they’ll devise a program that will let you upload a series of pictures and it automatically puts them into a grid. Right now it’s kind of tedious to do it manually.

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