View-Master as organizing principle

Photo: At Swim-Two-Birds.

The author of a blog I enjoy reading, At Swim-Two-Birds, recently posted a series of seven images, which she referred to as her View-Master. One could find a number of themes running through the images, all of which were taken from the newspaper, but what is perhaps most interesting is the use of the View-Master as a way of limiting and demarcating the number of images in the series. While a View-Master reel is, of course, comprised of seven pairs of images, or fourteen total (for the stereo effect), the idea that a group of images might be linked according to this kind of logic is very interesting. I’m currently working on a paper for a conference presentation that closely deals with the format of the View-Master, and the idea that telling a story in a series of seven images (or multiples of seven, as in the case with multi-reel sets) was, for the children who regularly used the toy, a natural way of structuring narrative or spatial action.

Check out the original post here. The images the author has selected are beautiful.

View-Master as organizing principle

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