Educational toys

From Life. December 12, 1960.

“There are a host of new inexpensive playthings which delight children and make them wiser in the process. Educational toys, which in 1955 were less than one eighth of the market, will amount to nearly a quarter of all toys this year, $375 million worth. The industry’s Toy Guidance Council expects that in five years the educational field will quadruple and increase the entire toy market by 50%. The surge in teaching toys came after Sputnik, as parents, impressed by the new emphasis on serious education, grew eager to turn children’s playtime to better account. Now a vast variety of educational toys, some 27,000, virtually parallel a school curriculum on the living room rug.”

What can we learn from educational toys?

Psychedelic geometry:


The basics of construction (including the disruption of burial grounds?):

buildings and skeletons

And of course, what child’s education is complete without the assembly of an oversized bee?

Educational toys

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