Troika’s Digital Zoetrope

I was first introduced to Troika’s work when I saw (and was terribly impressed by) their Newton Virus, at the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition at MoMA. Newton Virus playfully subjects the items on a computer desktop (icons, the dock, etc) to the rules of gravity, so that they go sliding all around when a computer screen is tilted:

Among Troika’s many other interesting and fun projects is the digital zoetrope. Commissioned by onedotzero, the flicker of this zoetrope is caused by LED lights. When the freqency of the lights is manipulated, different patterns appear along the side of the zoetrope. While in some cases, the patterns don’t appear terribly distinct from one another, the installation really interestingly plays with the difference between a traditional zoetrope and digital technologies. You can read more about the zoetrope, and its theoretical underpinnings at Troika. The pictures below feature the device spinning at 70 hz.

Troika’s Digital Zoetrope

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