Pixar’s UP Binocular Promos

up binoculars

I recently learned about an in-theater promotion that Pixar did for their new movie Up. A pair of sightseeing binoculars is set up in front of a slightly panoramic poster of the movie, indicating that looking through the lenses will magnify the image on the poster. Apparently, when one looks looks inside the binoculars (and presses a button), the film’s trailer is viewable through the lenses.

Although the binoculars do not actually function as such, the design of the display obviously beckons the viewer to peer through in a way that simply setting up a monitor would likely not accomplish. Similarly to the telectroscope, which works largely because of its design and the narrative surrounding it, the Up display smartly takes advantage of the iconic form of sightseeing binoculars.

Pictures from here, and from flickr, here and here.

Pixar’s UP Binocular Promos

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