A delightfully Victorian contemporary artist

Paul St. George’s work caught my eye a few summers ago, when I came across his remarkable enormous telescope–the Telectroscope–sticking out of the pier in Brookyln. The enormous fabled instrument visually connected curious spectators in Brooklyn and London. Although the technology enabling the spectacle is was relatively familar–a fiberoptic network–people were still dazzled and amazed. The Victorian “brass and glass” facade of the thing added to the allure, as did the fictional account surrounding its opening: before they installed the telectroscope, a series of big drill bits seemingly emerged from the ground, and publicity claimed that the two lenses were actually connected by a tunnel running through the earth–a very Jules Verne-esque sentiment. A very interesting case, and a fun one, too. Visit the telectroscope’s site, as well as Paul St. George’s other work.

A delightfully Victorian contemporary artist

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